• Ahmad Rashad

112 ‘Verzuz’Jagged Edge

Back with another Verzuz this week & this time it’s with R&B groups 112 & Jagged Edge.

After the Bounty Killer vs Beenie Man, we got another unexpected one for all the love birds and this was a good one

These two groups from Bad Boys and SoSo Def put on an excellent show, but once again the main problem is connection. Although they played some of the tracks we love like “Goodluck Charm” and “Lets get Married” by Jagged Edge or “Peaches and Cream” and “Cupid” by 112, you couldn’t hear anything.

At first it was just on Jagged Edges’ Live but then it was both. It got to the point where it just sounded like a thunderstorm occurring on Instagram Live because of so much static. It literally took the fun and passion out of the battle because of it.

All in All, it was a good live and Slim really held it down for 112 throughout the whole thing. Both groups were good sports and really played the songs we missed and wanted to hear. Even though, I think it was close I believe that 112 got it, just off of song selection, placement and good wifi (Plus Slim couldn’t stop smiling the whole time which made women go crazy).

Even then, It was good to see these two groups participate in this thing. At this point though, I think that Verzuz TV should create their own platform (whatever that maybe) because Instagram just can’t handle this type of activity and it takes away from the quality of what we’re all looking forward too.

In conclusion, good verzuz and 112 takes the win. Until the next time...

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