• Ahmad Rashad

12 ways to make money

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Recently, I’ve spoken about and even wrote an E-book on how artist can make money while being independent.

Below are some of the examples and are excerpts from my E-Book “Make that Money” :

1) Vinyl Records - All things old become new and Vinyl is one of those. Try putting your newest project on vinyl records and allow people to purchase them as souvenirs

2) Documentary - As you go through this next year or even just through the process of creating your debut album or new ep, document everything and then allow people to either purchase your documentary or donate to receive exclusive first rights to it.

3) Create an online class - It's things you know that others may not, don't be afraid to teach them

4) Start a music class - You can teach someone how to use an instrument, how to sing, or even structure a song. Can be online or in person

5) Start a blog - See what you're reading here, it's called a blog and people actually make money off of it; whether through ad traffic, products, or services in time it can be lucrative.

6) Winter concert series - This is a do it yourself-er. You can create a winter concert series where you do a music pop up with either you or a handful of other artist. People would attend because once it's gone it's gone.

7) Lyric book- So you have a lot of poems or lyrics that you'll never personally release. Put them into a lyric book and sell them to your friends or fans.

8) Merch - Everyone loves merch, shirts, hats, lyric book, posters, mugs , cassettes, light sabers, you know name it. Maybe make something that goes with the theme of your new project. Get creative!

9) E - book - I've written two of them for example and you can check them out here

10) Movie - Want to make your acting debut? create a short film and a character for yourself in that short film. Bundle it with your next project

11) Premium fan club - They get special access to all of your new and exclusive content

12) Live stream concert - Want to perform but can't afford to do your own concert? Live stream it. You can do it right from your basement, or living room.

For a full list check out our E-book here. Make that money "22 different ways to make money as an independent artist". Go MAKE THAT MONEY!!

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