• Ahmad Rashad

24 Designz (Graphic Designer)

Graphic Designer 24 Designz has his pulse of the culture literally. This graphic designer whose roots stretch all the way to Bosnia, has an impact or influence on some of your favorite rappers designs.

As a graphic designer and Influencer he has worked with artist like:

Seddy Hendrinx (@SeddyHendrinx)

Pee Wee Longway (@mpapeeweelongway)

Hood Rich Pablo Juan (@Hoodrich_pablojuan)

Julio Foolio (@Julio_Foolio)

Ricko Recklezz (@ricorecklezz075)

Guap Tarantino (@guaptarantino)

Future's 'Freebandz' Label (@freebandz)

and countless others.

On another note, as a creative director he has had first hand experience in understanding what it takes for an artist to be a success in this industry.

With a focus on trap music, his designs and passions come from experience. Growing up in Sarasota, Fl , he was able to take the things that he had seen around him everyday and put them into art. Art that now, is used in the cover of some of your most favorite rappers albums and mixtapes.

Even as a Graphic Designer, some of his graphics have now gone viral such as the Florida and Georgia “Whose hot” collage. Labeling the most popular & influential rappers from each state.

When this designer isn't creating industry standard graphics, he’s making his own personal art.

Check out some of his work on Instagram: @24Designz

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