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6lack - 6Pc Hot EP

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Its been two years since we’ve seen a release from 6black. In what was arguably the R&B Album of The Year, with 2018’s East Atlanta Love Letter, now, here he is again with a new EP entitled 6pc Hot.

This short 20 minute EP encompasses who 6lack is from the melodies and hooks to his crooner laidback style. From this title, 6pc Hot is really a representation of who he is and him reflecting on growing up in Atlanta. In these lines from ATL FreestyleI’m from the 5, middle finger like I’m Nudy... I grew up eating hot wings and bumping Gucci” we see that he is Atlanta too, trap music and wings inlcluded; and that, that is what really made him.

Along with this EP, he has dropped his own signature style of hot sauce called 600 degrees. Which for this weekend in ATL only, people can get that signature sauce for free when they purchase some 6lack 6pc Hot wings. What another great roll out from 6lack and his record label LVRN (in case you don't remember, for his last album release they had a listening party at a drive in theater with the album playing on the projector screens).

Anyways, once again we are provided with some smooth r&b vibes for those days during the hot summer, or those nights under the stars or around bonfires (while social distancing of course.)

With only one feature from another Atlanta artist Lil Baby, 6lack delivers us with just what we need until we’re able to receive another album.

6pc Hot is here!

Rate: 8.0

Notable Tracks: ATL Freestyle, Float, Know My Rights Ft. Lil Baby & Outside

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