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Today we tap in with artist LH, as he talks about his upbringing as well as coming from a drugs and alcoholic family background. Check out full interview below to learn more:

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and your music

I was born in 1999 in Miami, Fl. I’ve lived here in Miami for most of my life but i had moved around from time to time as a child. I wouldn’t really say i had a “terrible” childhood by any means, but my mother and father both struggled with drug/alcohol addiction which caused quite a few issues for me “family-wise” growing up, There were nights where I would go to sleep in fear for my life and other family members due to excessive violence in my household. Throughout the years i dealt with these issues until i was around 17. I was never really interested in hip-hop or rap as a child but i believe when i was around 14 i started getting into a few rap artists. When i was about 16 i began free-styling with my friends a lot, whether we were at a party with a crowd around us or just hanging out in my backyard. After a while i began writing my own songs and started taking music seriously at the age of 18. My music can range anywhere between “base-line” rapping with bars on top of bars, to singing melodies, to a more abstract version of hip-hop that is very introspective. I love to make music because it is very therapeutic to me while maintaining the status of a challenging process that I’d like to progress in.

What inspires you?

I wouldn’t say anything inspires me in particular. I would say that I’ve seen a lot of interviews in the past where a now-famous artist explains what their come-up was like and how relatable they can be at times. Especially when that said person came from absolutely nothing. I guess I’d say my main inspiration is the awareness that i will only live one time, so i would like to follow whatever dreams i have and see them through. I mean really, if somebody else could do it. Then why can’t i ?

What are some of the obstacles you've faced and how has it made you better?

Besides self-doubt i haven’t really faced many obstacles. Only other obstacle i would even count is financial issues. I feel like most people can relate to that though, there will always be some type of money problems in a high risk- high reward scenario. If you learn to invest/save properly it will prove very useful to your need for those funds when the time comes though .

What is your 5 year plan for your music and for yourself?

I don’t necessarily have a 5 year plan but I’d definitely like to be living off making music full time within 5 years, whether I’m mixing/mastering and recording people in my studio, or I’m winning my first Grammy. Five years from now I’d like to be a full fledged professional with my music.

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

No one really has to take anything from it. Maybe just the general feeling I’m trying to convey on that song would be enough for me, but I’ll leave those feelings the listener is feeling out for interpretation. I have many lines in my songs that can be read in many different ways, so people can draw different feelings from the same line. At the end of the day i have a great time making the songs, so i hope people have a great time while listening to them.

Where can people find your music?

You can find my music on SoundCloud and my newest single “Back to Back” is releasing on all music streaming platforms Friday, sep 13th ! Check my social media for updates.

Twitter: @lucasarmand21

Instagram: - @lucasarmand21

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