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Recently, I got a chance to interview ICH, the Folk band who won the first ever Tiny Stage which is curated by Dani @daniibabiiii hosted by Brandon @Urbanbeautyboy and powered by @TheHippieHavenMia . We spoke about their experience at the show and the feeling of them being a band. ICH won over the crowd with their energy at the first ever Tiny Stage as they gave a performance to remember. To check out the full interview with them, tap in below:

Band Member names

Juanchi Yilo (@juanchizetax)

Daniel Hernandez (@dano_debuto)

Carlo Barbacci (@___Mold___)

To start off, tell me more about the band ICH. How was it formed and what exactly does ICH mean?

The band started just with me (Juanchi) playing the guitar as a folk solo project, the name ICH stand for I in german but is also the sound of Chi backwards so i thought it really fits to my solo project name, later on Carlo and Dani jump in the line up and formed the 3 piece that conform the project today

How long have you guys been performing together and what has that experience been like?

With the full band is been only a couple of months like 6 or 7 maybe, and i got say is been great, we've been focusing on playing in south florida area mainly and we've had the opportunity of sharing with so many different artist, great performers and cool places

Speaking of experiences, I see that you guys recently won at " Tiny stage" what was that like for you?

It was good knowing that there's people that enjoyed our art, it was really surprising wining anything tbh, never imagined winning before so it was kind of unexpected and cool

As a band what has been the biggest obstacle overall for you guys, and how do you plan to/ how have you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle is distance and time, we over come it organizing our self to be able to get together to express and create

What are some of the goals that you all have for the band as well as individual music?

I guess to this point we want to release new music and see where it take us, touring is on the table, we'll probably go around looking for new adventures and new potential friends in different music communities all around

Lastly, where can people locate your music?


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