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A1 Monny speak on music and positivity

Recently, A1 Monny along side of A.R. Slugga were one of the winners of the Streets is Watching pt. 3 . They commanded the crowd with the new single "Something Ain't right" and just kept it going from there. After the show I reached out to A1 Monny to ask him some questions about his show experience as well as his music. Check out the full interview below:

Tell us more about yourself, where you come from, your music style etc..

I was born in Beaufort, SC but raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve always been a quiet & laid back person with a lot of built up aggression; my music derives from personal situations as well as how I’m feeling when I’m writing

As a person what do you want people to remember about you?

I want to show people what “real” is; a lot of times people reach a certain level & treat others as if they’re beneath them, we’re all humans & have a death date. I want to spread positive energy with everyone, treat others with respect

As a musician what do you feel your biggest obstacle has been and your biggest triumph?

Finances; I want to travel more to network & perform out of state, right now I’m just getting my financial situation under control

Speaking of triumph I see that you were a recent winner of the S.I.W. showcase, how do you feel about that experience ? (pro's and con's)

The show was dope; I got to network & shake hands with some of the artists. Everyone was dope & positive so I support the movement

Going forward, what are your goals for yourself? Let's talk 5 year plan.

I want to own multiple businesses outside of music, so that I’m not solely dependent on a rap check. I want to be a leader capable of changing of people’s lives

In conclusion, where can artist find you and your music?

Instagram: @a1monny

Twitter: @monn_96

YouTube: @a1monny

Sound Cloud: always1one inc

Spotify, etc: @a1monny

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