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Recently we got to tap in with South Florida producer Abundanc3 Beats. Join in as she talks about her struggle with health and her biggest inspirations, Check out the full interview below:

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and what you do

I am a 27 year old Black female music producer and I create vibes for a living, simply put. My family is from Jamaica but I grew up in South Florida. My favorite types of music to make are R&B, boom bap, lofi and chill hop. Music has always been something I used as an outlet. I started making music in high school when my cousin Sadie introduced me to FL Studio. She was singing a lot back then. I got a mic and audio interface and started recording songs. My cousin Zachary let me borrow this big ass old school MPC and I was making instrumentals with it. We were always writing raps together and freestyling. I was rapping a lot back then because I was such an angry kid. My school was a very racist environment and music was how I coped with it. I joined my high school’s classical guitar program like sophomore year. I already knew how to play so my teacher let me skip a few levels. We played as a classical guitar ensemble playing waltz, tango and flamenco. For undergrad, I went to the University of Miami. I kinda gave up making music then, I just played guitar here and there. When I graduated in 2015, I started my journey of trying to be visual artist and painter. It was only this year, 2020, that I put all my eggs in this basket. I started producing fulltime and started my YouTube channel. I started January with a 30-day beat challenge to get myself in the swing of creating and you can find all those beats on my Soundcloud. I’ve sold or leased a quite a few of them. Since then, I have been selling beats and learning my craft.

What inspires you?

I’ve been a big anime nerd since I was like 6 years old. So definitely anime and video games. I’m a big fan a Japanese RPGs (Role Playing Games) their soundtracks be jamming. Other producers inspire me. Listening and studying to them and figuring out how they do what they do that’s unique to them. Other Black women creatives inspire me: directors, writers, music producers etc. Sarah2ill definitely inspired me to start a YouTube channel. She’s a YouTuber and music producer from North Carolina. That’s where I got the idea to do a 30-day beat challenge.

What are some of the obstacles you've faced and how has it made you better?

In 2017, I started getting crazy joint pains all over my body and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. I also injured by back and my knee that year. The joint pain started in my hands and changed everything for me. I couldn’t play guitar for long periods anymore without serious pain in my hands and wrists. I couldn’t stand and paint anymore. I couldn’t skateboard anymore. Slowly since then I have been getting increased pain in my legs. I can’t stand up for long periods of time. Sometimes I walk with a cane. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain since then. I went to so many doctors and specialists and nobody could tell me what’s wrong. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia because the doctor kinda threw their hands up. But after all this time of dealing with it I feel like it’s nerve related pain. It definitely changed my life. I had to grieve my old body and what I could no longer do. Most people don’t know by looking at me that I’m disabled unless I’m walking with a cane that day. I just live with pain. I work around it. I just have learned to adjust my life and adapt so I can manage my pain levels. It’s made me better because it opened my eyes to so many things fully abled bodied people take for granted.

What do you think makes your music different from other artist?

I have so manyyyy influences. My unique influences really set me apart from other artists. I listen to every type of music under the sun. I grew up on heavy metal especially 80’s thrash metal. Two of my favorite bands growing up were Pantera and Metallica. I was a guitarist that loved rock. I wanted to play fast and shred. The metal guys were killing that. But also my mom had a boyfriend when I was in elementary school who was a DJ so I had all the mix CDs. Thanks to him I fell in love with old school Reggae. Artists like Sanchez, Dennis Brown, Gregory Issacs, Beres Hammond. I loved trance, techno, emo, indie rock, acoustic folk, pop punk and screamo. I went to Warped Tour almost every summer in high school. I was also obsessed with 90’s R&B and Hip Hop. But then as I was coming up in in South FL we also had Trina, Trick, Ross. I was listening to it all on my CD player and then my lil ipod nano. I’m really a musical melting pot.

It's important to give yourself credit; What do you feel is/are your biggest accomplishment(s) to date?

Honestly selling an exclusive beat to one of my favorite podcasts to be used as their theme song. It’s crazy listening to them every week now and hearing them rap over my instrumental. They killed it too. HoodxHolistic Podcast, check them out on all podcasting platforms.

What are some things that you still want to accomplish?

I’m still trying to build up my brand. There’s so much I still want to accomplish. I want to hit 100,000k subs on YouTube. I want to put merch out and release some beat tapes. I want to work with more artists and creatives. Some of my dream collabs would be with Janelle Monet, Tierra Whack, Tobi Lou, Kota the Friend, WondaGurl, Solange, Sampha, 3 Stacks, Little Dragon, Lianne La Havas, & The Internet. At some point my life I’d like to make a documentary. Film making is something I’ve really been thinking heavily about exploring. I’m interested in exploring storytelling and visual language. I recently saw the show Random Acts of Flyness and was super inspired by it.

What new music do you have coming up?

A collab I did with an artist just dropped this weekend. A sexy r&b joint. Seas of You by Siren is out on all platforms. Y’all should really check her out, she’s the craziest most prolific writer I’ve ever met. She can write a dope song in like 10 minutes. So wild to me because it takes me forever to write. She’s @sirenisreal on everything.

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

That it’s okay to be their authentic selves and growing up is relative. Keep doing what you love no matter what. Never get so bogged in day to day tasks that you forget to enjoy life. It’s fleeting.

Finally, If you had a message to give to any artist coming behind you, what would it be?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. “Eyes on your own paper” is a quote I heard recently in a book. Basically focus on yourself and your own journey. Comparison is the root of so much depression.

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