• Ahmad Rashad

Alright - Theolodge (Single)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Artist Theolodge has recently released his new single “Alright”, and with all that’s going on during this time this song has come at the right time. During a time where Black lives are being discarded, this is an anthem to let you know that no matter what we go through as Black Men, it will be okay.

But this is not only for us, this is for those who life just happens to knock you around sometimes (as it does with all of us) but sometimes its hard to get back up. This is to let you know that even if you don’t believe it, It will be alright.

Life is often uncontrollable, and it is hard but Theolodge reminds you that it will get better. This inspirational track is one that can reach the masses. Although we are beaten down and bruised, we fight another day. Remember that, up until this point you have beaten and won against all of your bad days. So with that being said, continue to win because in the words of Theolodge “It’s Alright”.

Check out his social media and his new track “Alright” below:

Instagram: @ItsTheolodge


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