• Ahmad Rashad

AJ Jones (Talent Manger & Entrepreneur)

Updated: May 24

AJ Jones, born and raised in the Bronx, New York is a Talent Manager and Entrepreneur. When he was in his late teen years and early 20’s he moved to Jacksonville, Fl with his family and hit the ground running.

By the time AJ was 25 years old, he owned the hottest club in Jacksonville, Fl. From that point on his talent managing began. Through out the years he has managed and developed many artist and has helped many promoters and DJs start their journey. During this time he was able to create his own parties, and showcases in North Florida, gaining even more noteriety.

As an entrepreneur besides being a club owner, and owning his own entertainment company he also now owns his own restaurant (Saucy Kitchen) and as of this week, a partial owner of a record label.

This man, with his handwork and tenacity has been a go-getter from day one and has successfully completed alot of things well before his 35th birthday.

On a personal note, this is the person that got me started in the entertainment field. Due to our relationship, I was set on a path in which I learned what I wanted to be very early on and for that I thank him.

These days AJ’s main focus is to expand his restaurant business into multiple locations and to get this new label off the ground.

AJ, you deserve everything and so much more. Continue the work, began in you. Blessings!

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