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I'm scrolling through Instagram one day and I see Apheenx being tagged by music influencer @TJDJs. From there I click this artists page and the first thing that I see was him selling his own comic book and I was blown away. A couple reasons why this took me aback was because I've never personally came in contact with anyone who makes their own comic books, especially not black men. Then, not only did he make a comic book but this comic book relates to his music and to his life as it's his story.

This has by far been the most creative idea that I have encountered in recent years and it's very powerful. Apheenx is promoting his music and art all in one and it's only $10. Even if people may never like the music, they'll LOVE the vision.

Check the in depth interview out below:

Walk us through your background(Who your are and how you got into music )

I’m originally from Cincinnati Ohio and I’ve been doing music for years. Music has always been in my family, my grandfather was a famous blues singer named Big Joe Duskin. Since I grew up on hip hop I naturally gravitated towards it.

What are some of the obstacles you've faced and how did you overcome?

One of the biggest obstacles I had to face is dealing with panic attacks and depression. It’s set me back on different occasions in my life but I’ve always managed to recover with diet, mindfulness and some other paranormal events that’s given me a glimpse of enlightenment.

I noticed that you recently created a comic book (which is super dope by the way) What inspired you to do that?

What inspired me to create my comic book is a few things, I’ve always been into super heroes Superman, Spider-Man , Black Panther and The Hulk being my favorites I decided to create my own super hero but instead of creating someone else I made myself as the hero. The reason for that is, since all super heroes have a weakness I decided to use real life and my weaknesses ( which are strengths in the comic) which a lot of people will be able to relate to plus, not very many black super heroes so I wanted to add another one. There are also some interesting paranormal things that happened to me that would best be told in a comic.

What's your 5 year plan?

My 5 year plan is to create as much good music as possible, Tour, and create my character into a mega hero like Black Panther. And possibly start a comic book company with lots of characters branching off from my characters story.

Where can people find your music?

People can find my music at my website https://Apheenx.com/ you can also get the digital version of my comic that comes with the soundtrack or the physical copy that also comes with the soundtrack because there’s a QR code you can scan that will allow you to download the MP3 soundtrack of the comic.

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