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Aye Surreal

Aye Surreal is a producer from Baltimore, MD. Check out more about him below:

Tell us more about who you are and your background

My name is Calvin i’m a producer form Baltimore, MD. I went to school for vocal music and later joined a choir. I became interested in music production because i’ve always been interested in the instrumental side of a song and how just the instrumental can tell a story without lyrics.

As a producer what is your expertise?

My expertise is in music theory. I’m able to read music and have a good ear for what does and doesn’t sound good on a track. I’m more than a beat maker too. I’m good at marketing, mixing and mastering, developing artists and music business knowledge.

How long have you been producing and what has been the hardest part?

I’ve been producing for 2 years. The hardest part for me is knowing that being a musician can be a lifelong process. And for people to understand the importance of a producer.

What are some collaborations that you have done and what are some that you want to do?

I have currently worked with 2Hard2Trace, RBS Rambo, Hazy, Lor Ju, Lor Maud, and Relly Moe. I want to work with all the top artists in my city such as Bandhunta Izzy and Jugg, Yg Teck, Moose, Tadoe and more. I also want to work with as many if not every artist in the industry big and small. Soon everyone will be asking for a Surreal Beat.

What kind of impact, do you want to make as a producer?

I want to be known has more than a beat maker but record creator. I will make timeless music and hits but I want people to know about my entertainment label Beatnik Entertainment, my artists and soon my own producer group. I want to be able to educate and motivate others as well.

What new projects or beats can people expect from you?

I’m always working on who I am and what I bring to the table.. Currently i’m gearing up for my first instrumental ep just so people know who I am what what I bring to the table. The Ep is called Raw and will have 5-6 tracks each with a different vibe.

What is your Social Media?

Instagram @ayesurreal

Twitter @ayesurreal

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