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Omo Lomo wanna dance with me? You got to love Afro- pop and this track is all that and much more. AYOTEMI provides a warm dance themed track with this afro pop "OMO LOMO". In this track AYOTEMI finds a beautiful lady (Omo lomo) who catches his gaze and whom he wants to dance with. If you love Afro-Pop and just all the flavor that comes with it, you'll definitely love this track. AYOTEMI delivers as BANGER with this one!

Check out his full interview below:

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and your music

I'm Nigerian- American. My dad is from the city of Ibadan and my mom is from Lagos. They met in Chicago and had me in Laurel, Maryland. So I represent Nigeria and the DMV. My earliest memory of singing was around the age of ten while living in Ibadan with my dad between the ages of 10 and 14. The first song I remember singing was "Let it Burn" by Usher.

I didn't start writing music until my sophomore year of high school. I started a singing group with two of my closest friends and we called it "Sounds of the Soul". We won a talent competition and became famous around the school. The feeling of performing and being loved for the music I made, made we want to start writing songs and performing more.

My senior year of high school I had a deeply spiritual experience while on a prayer retreat with my youth church "Caleb Crew",Jesus House D.C.

Side Bar: Around this time I had first discovered the powers of marijuana, which had been strongly against for a long time because my father was a heavy cigarette smoker (I was so against it the I would often throw away his packs of cigarettes knowing I would be punished). I had been singing for a while at this point and I was part of the youth choir. I realized that when I smoked and sang praise and worship I would feel a deeper connection to the Most High and the worship would feel so much more pure and effortless. This created a conflict within me because, being so young minded I believed that smoking marijuana was a sin but I also couldn't deny the sublime feeling I experienced when I smoked. My relationship with God was very strong and my number one goal was to feel God "smile" over me with everything I did. For this reason the fear domination that church can embody did not really affect me until this conflict with weed. So my mission on this prayer was to obtain clarity. I wanted God to speak to me and let me know if I was wrong. End side bar

This prayer retreat was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I'm talking about kids speaking in tongues, seeing visions, casting out and chasing down demons. It was real. During an intense worship session I felt something. I began to cry uncontrollably and I was speaking in tongues. I heard God tell me "You are a Minister". I repeated it to myself and I called my mom. She didn't answer and I left her a voicemail praying and speaking in tongues and I told her I was a minister.

At first I thought my purpose was to sing in the church choir. As I grew and continued in my journey I realized my purpose was to share the truth of Love and life with everyone through my gifts. When I fused my life with my purpose, new life was breathed into my gifts and my everyday life.

I create music to uplift the collective consciousness as much as possible. I believe we are all one and that we all share this life. By uplifting myself and putting high frequencies out I affect everything that IS. That is my purpose and that purpose is infused with every song I make and everything that I do. God willing.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by human experience. I believe part of our purpose on this earth is to experience. For example, a bird sitting on a tree, just sitting for a second, then flying away. This can be called beautiful because it was perceived and therefore experienced by a human. Otherwise it would just be an occurrence. The human experiencing it made it beautiful. Better yet, the fact that it contributed to that human's experience made it beautiful.

What are some of the obstacles you've faced and how has it made you better?

I've faced a woman's scorn. It taught me about love and made me more careful and watchful. It forced me into a corner where all I had was God. It made me realize God is all I need. It taught me to be more grounded in myself and my truth regardless of what is happening around me. It made me appreciate the beauty of divine feminine energy when I found love again. This taught me to feel. Feeling is so important. It helps you hear God.

What is your 5 year plan for your music and for yourself?

I plan to build a platform from which I can broadcast the truth of life, love, interconnectedness, the harsh and beautiful realities of the world we live in and ourselves. I plan to create a machine that can generate material energy a.k.a money so I can use it to make survival easier for my spirit family across the globe. I believe if we aren't forced to focus on survival we can spend more energy on bettering ourselves and ultimately this world as we all share energy. I plan to be more physically and mentally healthy. More flexible. To have more endurance and stamina. To eat better. To manifest a reality for myself that allows to enjoy the beauty of life in its totality.

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

I want people to feel something. To see colors if that's what their mind wants to do. I want people to feel how beautiful the other side is and to know it exists and is accessible to them. All I do is pull vibes from the other side to this side, and at my best allow myself to be used as a vehicle for these "heavenly" frequencies to flow through. I want people to see the truth about themselves. If they can love me and what I do, maybe they can love themselves too.

Where can people find your music?

I have a website. www.ayotemimusic.com I have my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Deezer, YouTube, TikTok, a lot of free music on Soundcloud. I perform live as well.

Instagram: @ayotemimusic

Music Link : https://fanlink.to/omolomo

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