• Ahmad Rashad


Updated: Sep 5, 2019

To begin with, let me be honest. I don’t understand ANYTHING that’s being said but that didn’t make a difference to me. When you hear it you just know. As soon as you play the song it entrances you. The only word I know is Báilame which means to “make you turn around” or to “dance” and that’s exactly what this makes you do. It’s just something about this major Latin - pop wave that just makes you move. Living in Miami you learn to live with it and it becomes part of the culture but with this track you learn to love it! The production on this track was super dope. I’m able to pick up every beat and intricacy and I think that’s the best part. Artist El Velez, Gary J & Sebas Santander (Producer/ Engineer) did their thing on this track and I’m loving it. Great job Major Music with this MAJOR track. Even though hablo un poquito de espãnol (I speak a little Spanish) I look forward to hearing whatever else you all put out. You have a dope camaraderie keep it going.





Rate: 8.5

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