• Ahmad Rashad

Bangerz (Grammy Nominated Producer)

Bangerz is a Haitian-American producer out of Jacksonville, FL and one of the hardest working individuals that I know. A soft spoken person, he allows his work ethic to speak for him.

As a Grammy nominated producer he has had a hand in making hits for quite a few people, from Tank to Fantasia. The best part about it is that, he hasn’t even gotten started yet.

As long as I’ve known this guy, his main focus has never changed and he continues that trend today. Not only a producer and engineer but he does artist development as well and can spot talent a mile away.

With his ear for music, he is able to make hits in his sleep and one day the rest of the world will see what we see, which is one of the greatest producers of all time in the making. The whole city of Jacksonville supports him even if they don’t know him and he continues to break molds.

I’m writing this piece to honor the people who deserve it. People with work ethic and a sense of integrity are very rare to find and this guy has it. He has always done it for the love and impact. For that reason, he will get all the things that he deserves and more. You deserve all of your flowers today. Continue to break molds!

He also is in the midst of starting a label, one you might wanna be on the lookout for, whatever he touches turns to gold.

Whenever he’s not making music for other’s he’s in his own bag, check out his newest single below and TELL me it isn’t fire!

Instagram: @Bangerz_Hitz

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