• Ahmad Rashad

Is Instagram Live the New Way For Artist To Break Records?

During this Quarantine, we see that artist are avidly, avidly using Instagram live. Is this the new way to break records?

Breaking records is when a new song is introduced to the public, in which people play the song continuously until it catches fire. In the music industry before streaming and even still at times DJ’s were/are the main way to break records. Now with streaming coming in to play the fans also help with that process, by making things go Viral. With an increase in artist gaining so many followers from Instagram lives and things of that nature are DJ’s still the go too or can artist do it themselves?

Recently, I watched lives of artist like Lil Boosie, Tpain , Lil Jon , Scott Storch, Baby Face, Teddy Riley & Tory Lanez and have noticed that each has used that platform to release new music. Tory Lanez just last weekend has released a new mixtape called “The New Toronto 3” and it seems to have garnered a good response due to his lives. Even artist like Tpain & Lil Jon who some can say they haven’t heard much from in a while recently played new music on their live Instagram battle, which had they not done it, we might’ve never heard it. Even more, Baby Face vs. Teddy Riley was the first time some of have heard from them

in years but this live was monumental for the culture

With each of these lives gaining over 300,000 plus viewers per live and some of these artist gaining MILLIONS of followers in just a matter of weeks. Maybe this is the way to break records at this time. Each time artist are reengaging with old fans and creating new ones. I think only time will tell after 1st week sales for these artist, if this new way is actually useful. But whether it’s boosting streams or not, it’s definitely enlarging these artist fanbase and entertaining us in ways we never thought before.

If you haven’t used your live, I recommend that you do. Seems like the start of something new! Tory Lanez also sold 63k units his first week. Maybe his Quarantine Radio played a part in that. Baby face vs. Teddy Riley amassed over a half a million views. This could be the edge of a new frontier.

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