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Cap 6 the collective

This collective, who started their time together at FAMU are now continuing on their musical journey. What’s it like to be in a collective and what does it take? To find out, follow their blueprint. Read and learn more about Cap 6 below:

Artist's name

Joshua (@Joshua93gawd)

Donny Blot (@donnyblot)

Hakeem Furious (@hakeemfurious)

IntricateTheAlmighty (@intricate93)

Nové (@heynove)

Rob Ohtis (@pharocious_x)

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about the collective and the music that you create

Our music is our beliefs, experiences, and freedom. When you hear any member of the squad, you’re peeking into our current growth as humans. It’s a black experience, spiritual exploration, social commentary, personal challenges, and balancing the duality inside of us all. We can be riding out music, at-home-vibe music, self-care music, or social and chill music. All of it is honest and relatable in some way to anybody who is trying to get know themselves and enjoy life.

How did you form Cap 6?

We all met in Tallahassee from the 2012-2014 time span. 5 of us attended FAMU but we linked through open mics, cyphers, and various performances along the way. It was really organic so a bond was formed before we discussed the dream. One of the original members (shoutout Peyton) left to pursue his passion in acting, but then we ended up meeting our DJ/Engineer, Nové.

What are some of the obstacles that Cap 6 has faced and how has it made you better?

Distance has been a recurring challenge. 6 people means 6 different lives to coordinate. It would be awesome to always be close by to make things happen but that’s just not realistic. It’s made us better by forcing us to be our best selves individually so that we may be stronger as a collective.

What is your 5 year plan for Cap 6?

Being in a major festival, curating more shows, and a collective project. Also exploring more markets and artforms in film/acting, television and poetry.

Where can people find the artist's music?

SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and all other streaming sites search: CAP 6.

Instagram: @_Cap6

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