• Ahmad Rashad

Chasing Summer - SiR (Review)

Before this project I haven’t heard much from SiR prior to this. I’m aware of his ”November “ debut album but other than that nothing much. As a member of Top Dawg alongside artist like Kendrick Lamar, Ab soul, Schoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad, SZA, and others he’s in great company with big shoes to fill. The one thing that I love about this label is that no one sounds quite alike and I love it.

SiR delivers for his second project and is right along side his peers. Although, I feel like it tapered off a little on the second half of the album, it was definitely still a great effort. This album hit at a good time for me personally, speaking of love or the potential of it and things of that nature hit different when you feel it. In a climate of half ass relationships, confusing situations and even other arrangements in which we have no clue what to call them, this made sense. It talked about what I believe we all are feeling.

Even though I feel like we have alot of music these days that speaks on all of these different things, I guess it’s nice to have another song that I can add to my “Heart Break/ No Drake” playlist. (Also on a side note I would love to get some music that talks about other feelings besides love, because that’s the not the only thing people feel. But, I guess in the end that’s the root of it all.) All in all SiR and the rest of TDE continues to do their own thing and run their own race while the rest of the world runs around in a frenzy. This label is set to be around for a while and people don’t even realize it. Sir, congratulations you have Anotha one!

Favorite Tracks: John Redcorn , Fire

Runners up: Hair Down, LA

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