• Ahmad Rashad

City Girls - City On Lock

City Girls are back and they’re in their bag once more.

After the success of their first two tapes Period and Girl Code, the City Girls are back with their new album and it doesn’t disappoint. As Always the City Girls cater to the women and do a great job with it. With their motto of “F***** Rich N*****”, and “Period” they use this as their form of women empowerment and it has caught on to say the least.

Also through this album you see the growth in the artistry. As JT and Yung Miami take turns on the hooks and verses, you see that their flow and pockets have gotten A LOT better. Both artist are coming into their own. Also noticed that JT has been playing with song structure, offering different cadences and punches; sometimes speeding up and other times slowing it down. Whoever is helping them or coaching them (If anyone) is doing a great as they continue to cater to their audience and excel.

On another note, with all that is going on, Its hard not to root for them. From JT doing Fed time to Yung Miami getting pregnant and losing a Father of one of her children, it’s been a lot. All while being in the public eye to say the least, but they stay at it and that is commendable.

So shout out to the City Girls and condolences to Yung Miami during this time. As for the rest of you ladies, now you got some music to shake to in those Covid-19 and Mask fits at the club.


Rate: 8.0



City On Lock Ft. Lil Durk,

P***y Ft. Doja Cat,

Broke N****s Ft. Yo Gotti

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