• Ahmad Rashad

Complicated - Mike Crump

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I found this song on an Instagram Ad and the Maxwell “Woman’s worth” sample reeled me in. In this song Mike Crump speaks on his love for black women and the struggle/ complications they face with that love, whether due to relationships or for self. I heard a message from Mike Crumps' Instagram and it pretty much said “Don’t focus so much on the music that you forget the message“ and that is so powerful to me.

This is a message to black women and all women for that matter that you are worth more than what someone else may tell you. You are valuable! Mike Crump and Blake Winters did just that. Blake Winters gave me soul vibes and It was super wavy. Mike’s fight and love for black women reminds me of Wale and I believe that, that’s great company to be in. Continue to do your thing kings and keep reminding women of the value that we’ve allowed them to forget. Check out his single “Complicated” below along with his EP Love Jones.

Instragram: @MikeCrump4k

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