• Ahmad Rashad

Creating Content during Quarantine

The importance of creating content during the quarantine & how to go about it

Have you ever heard the saying, “Content is King.” It implies a simple message that I believe is true. Think about your music as content. The lyrics, melodies, and sound you put over a beat create content for your listener to hear. Content is the foundation for your musical reach. It gives you an opportunity to engage with an active online community. Content allows you to develop a specific message that connects with your supporters in your online community. You must adjust as an artist in a culture that has quickly transitioned to digital platforms like social media.

One of my favorite platforms to create on is Instagram. You can reach global audiences in short bursts. As an artist, you could create a “Virtual Studio Session” with your supporters that give them a chance to interact live. We should create quality and creativity in each piece of content we produce. There is no limitation that restricts your mind once you set your eyes on a goal. As an artist, this type of energy gives you the ability to encourage all by developing an online community with valuable content. In this time of chaos and uncertainty, it’s important to create musical content that calms the soul and puts the mind at ease.

Jeremy Wade @ItzprogressJ

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