• Ahmad Rashad

Dani (Creative Director; Tiny Stage)

Dani is a creative director and a jack of all trades. She is the founder of Tiny Stage, A show of live musical performances and bands. Tiny stage takes place once every three months and is the place for all those who love live music and vendors to match. During tiny stage you get anything from regular street vendors like food, and art to other businesses like health and wellness. Dani of course, controls all of these things. From picking the artist and vendors to planning the flow and hiring media. If you haven’t seen this show, this is one to see.

When she’s not planning Tiny Stage, she’s hosting every Thursday at The Hippie Haven for an Open Mic night. Dani also delves in brand development and management, helping talent find direction and a proper home.

One of Dani’s goals is to create a budding and thriving entertainment foundation here in South Florida focusing on artist growth and development. She wants to be able to provide artist and entertainers the necessary tools and resources in order to be successful.

Be on the lookout for Dani ( and her beautiful voice) at The hippie Havens Open Mic Night and Tiny Stage.

Follow a Dani here: @DaniiBabiiii

Follow Tiny Stage: @TinyStage

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