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Darryl Granberry Jr. aka “DDG” is a multi-talented superstar that started on the trending platform, YouTube. After dropping out of college, DDG moved to Hollywood to pursue a career as an influencer. He started making YouTube videos for 30,000 a month on YouTube. As an emerging talent from Pontiac, Michigan DDG has put his city on his back. In June 2017, DDG released a single entitled, “Givenchy.” This single grossed 25 million views on YouTube alone to get DDG’s music career serious attention. His initial EP reflects his passion for music. Most of the world knew DDG as a famous YouTuber so they thought music was a hobby, but I personally think DDG’s EP and catalog put the world on notice. The title of his EP, “Take Me Serious” was released as a signed artist with Epic Records. His most recent single, “Exotics” has the world buzzing.

During a time of uncertainty and chaos, one would think that influencers would be precautious. Since the pandemic and “social distancing regulations,” DDG has released or been featured in 4 songs. The grind doesn’t stop for this young man. At 22, DDG bought his own mansion with enough rooms for his whole family. He’s redefining the image of an influencer by breaking barriers and forging a path unknown to many young professionals that seek to be YouTuber’s as well. His approach as an influencer is strategic and intuitive. He puts the right measures in place to align his content for the purpose of mind-blowing views that generate insane numbers. His support system and fanbase is incredible. This young man will be a force for years to come.

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