• Ahmad Rashad

DJ Chub (Jacksonville, Florida DJ)

DJ Chub is a DJ and entertainer from Jacksonville, FL. As a DJ he has been DJ'ing since he was 19 years old and entertaining for far longer. From his start at teen parties, DJ Chub has garnered a following which has carried to adult clubs and even his own personal events.

As a DJ, Chub has toured all over the nation, encapsulating the crowds from colleges to festivals. While working with artist like YK Osiris (@YKOsiris) and Dee Watkins (@Dee.Watkins), he has been able to hone his skills and become a true professional.

As an entertainer, he has a personality that entrances you. Through working on his project and working on other projects and videos with artist like Kamillion (@ItsKamillion), you can see this persona take form. From DJ’ing clubs and parties, to eventually TV and Internet screens, I think this personality is one that is destined for the big screen. I wont be surprised if we see him start expanding into other avenues.

Continue to follow him on his journey. Follow him on Instagram: @DJChub904

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