• Ahmad Rashad

Ed Sheeran No. 6 Collab

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

A Collaboratioin project with Ed sheeran.Wasn't really sure what to expect but let's get into it. This one is attempted in a more of a hip hop crossover. I'm not a huge Ed Sheeran fan so honestly I couldn't name five Ed Sheeran songs, but I do know that some fans weren't too happy about this. At what seems to be a shallow throw at a rap /dance hall/Latin pop career, some fans believe that this was just another artist trying to steal Black and Latino culture and make it his own for profit; which could be true, but I don't think the attempt was half bad. For a collaboration project he did the right thing by getting some of the more notable artist in the game. Artist like Justin Beiber, Cardi B, Meek Mill, Travis Scott and Ella Mai to fill the track list throughout the album.

Although I think that his musical attempt at rap wasn't that bad,his features kept him in the game. Beautiful People, Cross Me, I don't care and Anti-social are some of the most popular songs on the tape thanks to the features that carried them. I think for this tape, whether it was an attempt to appropriate other forms of music or not, doesn't matter. It did the right things by bringing in the right people. If you don't know the music bring in the people who do. Imagine If on " South of the Border" Ed Sheeran was the only one singing to a Latin Pop beat solo, it would've gotten bad.

This may not have been the ideal tape but it has a song for everyone and that's the main thing. It's meant to infuse different forms of music into one. We got a lot of summer time radio anthems out of this one and I believe that, that was the goal.

Favorite songs: Beautiful People, Put it all on me

Runner ups: South of the Border, Cross me

Rate: 7.0

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