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Emerging Artist: "CrazyLilAri"

“CrazyLilAri” is a Jamacian native, New York living, talented artist. As an emerging singer, she continues to amaze her supporters with new ways to show love and support them during these uncertain times. Ari gives others a sense of peace in the midst of the chaos around us. She has a strong mentality to rise above the struggle. In the midst of a pandemic, she remains humble and hungry. Her work ethic reflects the hard-work and energy she exudes in the studio.

To create the right vibes, Ari spends time perfecting her craft. Ari says, “I am so passionate about my craft, I pour my heart out no matter what challenges I encounter.” Her passion is apparent in her newest single, “What I been Missing.” The single is at 17k views and climbing with a melotic vibe. She finds the perfect melody then connects with her listener effortlessly. Ari’s experience of heartbreak is apparent yet refreshing. Most artists sing or rap about experiences outside of their life. A verse that stood out in this new single is,

“The whole world knows when I’m in love all these walls keep breaking down.” - CrazyLilAri

This verse is creative and revealing in many ways. It draws listeners into Ari’s world while keeping us wanting to know more. While writing this single, it seems as if Ari’s musical process explores different octaves with unique sounds that show her evolution. As an artist, CrazyLilAri continues to strive for greatness amid this COVID-19 pandemic. She continues to use social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to network with others and remain six (6) feet away.

There’s only one more question, what can we expect next from CrazyLilAri?

Check out her new music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMY8Ex4g-PI

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