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It’s another day of Quarantine and “StraightToTheMusic” is seeking out the advice and feedback of independent artists. We want to know what their creative process is like during this time of chaos and uncertainty. A lot of artists have switched up their music campaigns as a result of this pandemic. I think it allows more artists like my next guest to express themselves with no distractions or temptations. Today, I spoke to an artist that has a fanbase expanding from the Midwest to the east coast. His sound is diverse with an approach that is humble.

Miguel is a young man that is truly passionate about his musical process. He spends time working inside and outside of the booth in order to master his craft. It took a decade for Avila to embark on his independent music career. During our interview, I had an opportunity to ask Miguel aka “Avila” about his newest single, “Energy.” Our conversation was smooth.

“I must say, the vibe of this record is different because it seems like the lyrical flow of Avila is magnified times a thousand. The vibe of this track is positive and authentic with a unique spin for all listeners. If you love real verses that speak volume, read to the verse below. What do you think Avila meant?

“I’m in your movie but it’s in my cinema!” - Avila

The grind for Avila has been long and hard for the Orlando native as an independent artist. Miguel uses his time to balance his producing and lyrical skills as a musical enthusiast. His life is like a movie built around the underdog. It took Miguel a long time to devote time to his solo career but he has finally arrived. We all know everything happens for a reason. Avila is a prime example of patience and perseverance despite any adversity. Stay tuned to more heat from Avila coming soon!

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