• Ahmad Rashad

Enoch Da Prophet (Rapper)

Hailing all the way from Duval County (Jacksonville,Fl), artist Enoch Da prophet has made a name for himself as a rapper from Duval to Dade.

After growing up in Jacksonville, this artist moved down to Miami in 2012 in which he built an occult following as an artist creating Underground classics like “New Day” “904 to 305” “Humble” and his most popular song to date “Da Juice” (which is currently sitting at approximately 40,000 views on youtube and even more on World Star.) oop

Artist Enoch Da Prophet has had his names on billboards and have amassed more than 100,000 streams on Youtube alone and hundreds of thousands more between SoundCloud, Apple Music & Spotify. He was also nominated as North Florida artist of the year by Mieux Magazine (@Mieux_Fl).

As his following grew he was able to do shows throughout the state of Florida literally from the 904 to the 305 and he continues that trend today.

Recently, he has started his collective entitled Cardio Club with him and other Local Artist @JohnPearl. Look out for their upcoming releases

Check out Enoch’s newest project here as well as his social media.

Instagram: @EnochDaProphet

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