• Ahmad Rashad

Erykah Badu “VERZUZ” Jill Scott

In today’s rendition of Verzuz we have two of Black America’s soul singers in Erykah Badu and Jill Scott and lets just say that there wasn't enough incense to light for all the fire that they brought.

This live amassed around 800,000 viewers at any point and time, almost DOUBLING the Baby face vs. Teddy Riley and it was extremely enjoyable. At a running time of about three hours and some change it was just filled with so much “Black Woman Joy” and “Black Excellence”. Jill and Erykah talked about anything from the spiritual to the freaky and I just know every man in there felt a special type of way.

From songs like ”On and On” by Badu and “Long Walk” by Scott, these two took us on a journey to outer space and just filled our spaces up with so many vibes.

This is definitely what we look for in women, it was a special kind of camaraderie and respect by each one that too often the industry doesn’t show. Aside from all the male dominance that we see in the industry, this was just a breath of fresh air. Although the run time was long, for the fans it was just a fluid walk in the park.

I loved the energy these women provided, they took me to a place of nostalgia and if I was anywhere around I definitely would shoot my shot with either one, as they were talking that talk and who doesn’t like that?

But as Jill Scott said in the live “I like datt” and that we do Jill, that we do. We look forward to more lives geared toward R&B and women of color, and I think that this did justice for the culture.

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