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Hitmo '17

Here at Straight To The Music, we've had a chance to talk to and interview Independent artist Hitmo17 as he brings us Mo' Hits. Tap into the full interview below:

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and your music

I was born in Huntsville, AL months later I moving to Jacksonville & St. Augustine, Florida. Now I live in Los Angeles, California. I make hip hop and abstract indie music. I sing, rap, and put together all of my beats and instrumentals.

What inspires you?

Life, different shades of blue, 70's & 80's music, people who do things different and become successful.

What are some obstacles that you have faced and how have they made you better?

One was me moving to LA May 25th 2015. I left home with 2000$ I saved from working 2 jobs and one day just left, not having any stability or help. I got a job the first day i landed in LA. It was a pizza place in downtown called "Papi's Pizzeria". I ran out of money in 2 weeks of living out of a hotel (which is the haunted Cecil hotel downtown Los Angeles on 7th & main st. also called "Stay on Main"... look it up it's on google. One of their short stories.. An Asian girl was found dead in the water tank which was pumping through out the building.. No one knew until the water in everyone's sinks started to smell.. Wild and gross yeah I know, I had to bath in it...). Anyway after I ran out of money quickly, luckily my boss at Papi's let me live in basement of the pizzeria rent free, but I had to chase out night intruders that would sneak in through the back of the store and be a pizza slave. So Whenever they needed help whether I worked that day or not I had to work.. I mean.. It was pretty fair for me I had nothing, and was basically homeless with no friends or family. Though while working there I was eventually able to get things back together and stand on my own. Which proudly do today, but that's just one Lil story.

What is your 5 year plan for your music and for yourself?

To get it out to everyone, and give them what they never knew they wanted. I want to be a grand master in music like Quincy Jones & Rick Rubin

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

The fun and enjoyment

Where can people find your music?

On the internet at places like Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, and a link called smarturl.it/HitmoWorld .

Instagram: @Hitmo17

Add some mo' of those hits from Hitmo, to your Spotify playlist today:

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