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“DonBoyTrappp” is a native of Newport News, (aka “Bad News”) Virginia. He’s a talented rap artist that controls his verses and speaks from the heart. As an emerging talent, he uses his trials and tribulations to voice anthems for his community. He has built a passion for the culture of his music. His style is unique yet trending on his social media platforms. His latest single, "Hotspot" that was released a few weeks ago already has 376+ views.

Today is his birthday and I had the opportunity to catch up with the boss himself. I asked him about his favorite verse in his latest single, “Hotspot” and he said this without thinking,

“Niggas talking down, fuck all the clowns, yea, bitch we got the block got.” - Donboytrappp

His demeanor commands attention yet he’s a family man and father at heart. Over the years, he’s been blessed to receive new opportunities as he prepares for a new season in his life. He’s found an outlet in the music that allows him to escape for those 2-3 minutes. As DonBoyTrappp reflects on his birthday, I wanted to sit back and observe how he strives for their dreams and aspirations. It truly was inspiring to speak with him! Checkout the link to his music video below.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hsdUw3Qqtk

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