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Iamura ( Streets Is Watching Pt. 3 winner)

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Recently, i seen this artist perform at a showcase I hosted (Streets Is Watching pt. 3) and was amazed by his performance and personality. Although I had never met this artist before, just the way in which he carried himself stood out to me. After becoming one of the winners from this show I decided to do a feature on him to learn more about his music and his life. Check out the full interview below:

Tell us more about yourself, where you come from, your music style etc..

My name is Keleb, I’m From Trenton, New Jersey. Moved to Florida when I was 10. Started rapping when I was 12 because my best friend, Brandyn Torres asked me if I wanted to become a rapper with him. After that day I Freestyle’d and wrote songs everyday and been song writing and freestyling for 9 years now. I started off listening to lil Wayne, eventually discovered Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Big L, and Big Pun then wanted to become the most lyrical rapper ever. Came across J Cole and Kendrick and they changed my perspective on striving to be the best rapper to best artist and the journey and development spiked and been on a major incline ever since

As a person what do you want people to remember about you?

Who I am, I am aura just means I am what I make of myself not what people make of me. All the traits I attribute to God’s work over me is what I want people to remember me for and carry with them so when I die, who I am, doesn’t matter it just transfers into the hearts of many.

As a musician what do you feel your biggest obstacle has been and your biggest triumph?

My biggest obstacle was having people see that I’m profitable and would be a successful artist. One that’s worth supporting and listening to. For a while they thought my focus on being lyrical would hold me back. My biggest triumph was when every crowd I rocked a stage in front of, rocked with my music no matter the age or style and gave me the sense that I’m as universal as I wanna be and suddenly that great obstacle became a joke to me

Speaking of triumph I see that you were a recent winner of the S.I.W. showcase, how do you feel about that experience ? (pro's and con's)

The pros is the audience was healthy, the environment was great, the people running it were down to earth, and the headliners were welcoming too. Cons, little things like the stage but we gonna make it to bigger venues as a whole so it’s not really a con. A platform is a platform to me and I’m thankful.

Going forward, what are your goals for yourself? Let's talk 5 year plan.

Secure a label partnership with a Major with my current label. Release classic projects, develop as an amazing artist, increase my business mind and ventures, be able to have my own label and sign artist and get them rich and moving as well. Then shift the whole music industry with an idea I have I’m my back pocket.

In conclusion, where can artist find you and your music?

You can find iamaura vol. II on all platforms.

IG: @iamaura68

Twitter: @dadonkdrizzle

Snapchat: kdrizzlejonezz

Facebook: Keleb Jones

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