• Ahmad Rashad

Is being OVER IT really a bad thing? ( Summer Walker Album review)

Recently, Summer Walker released her debut album “Over it” and in it she talked about being well, over everything. And that brought me to a thought myself. Within this past year Summer Walker‘s name has shot off like a rocket after releasing her first single “Girls need love” which did exceptionally well.

At first people may have been shocked to see a girl with face tatts singing smooth love ballads bur I think that’s what made her, her. Whether good or bad. And that herness is what makes Summer stand out. While watching her success you could see that this LVRN artist isn’t really one for the fame or being a celebrity and I began to wonder if it’s really a bad thing. If being “Over It” is really a bad thing.

Watching this artist be genuinely her over the past year, I don’t believe anything is wrong with it at all. I think at some point in our lives we all have wanted to be rich and famous. But, as I get older I’m starting to see that maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Nothing against the money but all the demands, scrutiny from fans and peers, strain on relationships, hate from people who aren’t like you, always having to be in a presentable and accessible state, meetings, travels, interviews and shows I believe that this can take a toll on anyone. I think all these things cause depression and mental/ physical struggles for artist and other celebs that aren’t talked about at all which is the sad part.

Although, I love Summer Walker’s style and voice I also wanted more from that album but with a title like “Over it” I could see why it may have been what it was and anything else might’ve not been in her style. I hope that Summer Walker continues to do music but if not Summer, I don’t think that being “Over It” is really all that bad!

Rate: 7.5

Notable tracks: Come thru, Body, Just might

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