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"Jersey Queen"

As a pillar in the New Jersey community, your impact must start at the foundation. “Jersey Queen” has built a solid foundation with hard work and sacrifices. This young lady connects with people to uplift, inspire, and encourage her culture. Bridget Papino is the CEO and head of digital marketing for “We Are Jersey” magazine. This magazine publication is a pillar in the community that allows her to expand and explore her options as an entrepreneur. Bridget continues to blaze a trail in the community of Jersey with major moves that bring our creative culture together.

We Are Jersey Magazine covers way more than just the artist by diving into the roots of each story they report. When artists, designers, and musicians are featured, they have the opportunity to connect and grow within the creative community. WAJM taps into a larger demographic that serves as a great source for information. Jersey Queen has a lot of great projects lined up for the summer, as this pandemic has not stopped her grind or outlook on life.

As the “plug” in the community, everyone knows Queen. Her determination, passion, and desire to improve her craft goes beyond words. There are times when words overshadow actions. She continues to let her actions be the light despite the adversity she faces. It will be an honor to interview her on April 13, 2020 at 8pm EST. I’ll be joined by the “Jersey Queen” herself on Instagram Live (IG Live). We’ll be discussing a variety of different topics as we look to bring positivity and encouragement to the community. You don’t want to miss out.

Instagram: @Jerseyqueen201

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