• Ahmad Rashad

Jesus is King. Has Kanye been transformed?

New Kanye is here and how accepting are we of it? Today he released his 9th studio album entitled Jesus is King . We wondered if a new album would even come and more than that what would it sound like?

With all that‘s been going on with talks on Kanye and his thoughts on politics, mental health , religion, fashion and so on at this point most people have written him off. Up until this point I have been curious on more so his mental and spiritual sanity, to see if this is all really real, or is there something really off with Kanye.

Now today, he has released his new album and I can tell you that all won’t agree with it or even most, because this album is so different from what we’re used too. If you have maybe a spiritual side or a Christian background you may find some good in it, but if you don’t it may be hard.

Speaking from a musical standpoint it’s definitely different but all the usual things you expect from Kanye are still there. Samples are crazy as well as the production and if you can believe it, he actually raps on it a little. This definitely gives me The Life Of Pablo vibes (without the cursing) in certain instances with content as well as flow and texture. Old Kanye is no more, but I also don’t know if that’s a bad thing. From a Christian standpoint I agree with alot of his topics on this album as he speaks on grace, love, acceptance and just spirituality. I also agree where he talks about Christians, sometimes being the most judgmental towards people and there spiritual growth because that can also be true.

One thing I will say is that if you are a person with an open mind, check it out as you might find things that you like. If you were a fan of Chance the Rappers Coloring Book or Kanye’s. Ultralight beam you might be a fan of this. But, all in all I’m not sure where Kanye is right now or if everything he does is completely genuine but I will say that the only thing we can do is show him love and support when need be but also disagree with him without disregarding him. I don’t agree with everything he says by far but I do think that his creativity and ingeniousness (not sure if that’s a word) is one that should be cared for. Although I wont say this project will be a smash hit ( probably won’t) I will say that it’s 100% Kanye. Wherever you are Kanye, peace and love be with you. Blessings!

Fave tracks: Selah, On God, Water, Everything we need.

Rate: 7.7

Check out his recent interview with Big Boy below:

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