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K.UTIE ( Streets Is Watching Pt. 3 winner)

K.UTIE was another one of our favored winners at the Streets Is Watching showcase, so much so that our guest judge (and Grammy nominated producer) spoke very highly of her. She has the potential to do wonders. I got a chance to ask her a couple of questions and get her take on the experience. Check out the full interview below:

Tell us more about yourself, where you come from, your music style etc..

My real name is Kaylin Peavie. I’m 22 and I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I am an R&B singer, my vibe is very chill yet bubbly and fun. My music is a reflection who I am as a person and I like to tell stories in it. Most of the time, I love to sing about love. I think I am a lover and loving person so I often write about that. 99.9% of my songs are real stories of things that I’ve experienced but they are all 100% me. I also play violin and piano, and I dance as well.

As a person what do you want people to remember about you?

I want people to remember me as the jack of all trades who also displays humility. I think the most humble artists are the ones who can make it to the top and stay there. I also wanna be remembered as an artist who is just 100% them.

As a musician what do you feel your biggest obstacle has been and your biggest triumph?

My biggest triumph is everything that I have accomplished since I began. I started making and releasing music in January of this year and since then, I have been apart of so many shows and events. I’ve released projects, been in features , magazines, photo shoots and I’m continuing to do big things. I am also independent and I book a lot of things myself so for me to be out here doing this all myself, it’s a great accomplishment. I wouldn’t say I have too many big obstacles that are noteworthy but I can take and handle anything that comes my way.

Speaking of triumph I see that you were a recent winner of the S.I.W. showcase, how do you feel about that experience ? (pro's and con's)

It’s an amazing feeling. Especially when I was a part of an event that had so many amazing artists. Being one of the lucky few is a big deal. I had a great time, and I met a lot a cool people. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Going forward, what are your goals for yourself? Let's talk 5 year plan.

I’m looking forward to being booked every week. I want to be everywhere (shows, photo shoots, interviews, magazines, the whole nine yards). I want to travel and do shows, make strong connections and build an empire for myself.

In conclusion, where can artist find you and your music?

I have a single “Be Mine” that is on all platforms. My other singles and project “Summer Love” are all on SoundCloud. Just search for “K.UTIE” and stay tuned for more.

IG: @getkutie

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