• Ahmad Rashad

Kidemo ( Radio Owner) Charlotte, NC

Kidemo is the owner of True Dreams Radio, an independent internet radio station out of Charlotte, NC. One which spins independent artist music, as well as Old School and New School R&B.

Kidemo is a hustler. Starting her radio station in 2015, she is now full time with her station and has been nominated for multiple awards, in which she won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for the BEST Radio Station.

In a climate like today, I believe it’s important to support people of color and praise them when they’re excelling, especially our women. Kidemo is building a platform for independent artist out of North Carolina. As a person who works with independent artist, I know how frustrating it can be for them sometimes. Especially, when they feel as if they don’t have enough resources. Also, as record labels start to become a thing of the past and being independent becomes the new focus, I think it’s important now more than ever to know how to maneuver this new landscape.

North Carolina is a hard market to break into as an artist, as only a few have done it successfully i.e. J.Cole & Da Baby. But she’s making it easier. Providing interviews, radio spins, and promotion for artist Kidemo is the whole package. She has also never wavered in providing artist whenever I am in need.

For any artist trying to break into this market she’s the person to contact. I commend her for all the hard work she does as it’s not easy to get support and keep your sanity. Some days are grueling and its hard to find your motivation, but she sticks to it. For that she deserves the upmost respect, as people usually wait until you win to praise you.

Black women continue to excel.

Follow Kidemo and True Dreams Radio below:

Instagram: @Kidemo_radio

Instagram: @TrueDreamsRadio

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