• Ahmad Rashad

KIKI- Kiana Ledé (Album Review)

Kiana Ledé has just released her debut album KIKI and let’s just say I think the Ladies will love it. Kiana Lede just burst on the scene a year or so ago with her single EX and in this album those same relationship sentiments rang out.

KIKI also wasn’t without it’s fair share of features with inserts from other newly mainstreamed artist like Ari Lennox, Lucky daye, 6lack, Arin Ray and MoneybaggYo. I believe that each feature added their own necessary sauce into each song, which made the album more complete.

Another thing that I noticed about this album is the heavy sample usage. At first listen the samples that stood out to me where the following:

1) Labels - This track has the same sample as Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. Taken from funk group Mutume and their single "Juicy Fruit".

2) Mad at me - This original sample came from soul singer Joe Simon and his single "Before The Night is Over". This sample was also used in Outkast "So Fresh & So Clean"

3) Honest - This sample came from Brandy's "Have you ever?" ( One of my all-time favorite "In your feelings" track)

Throughout this album Kiana is very open and vulnerable. I believe she falls into the likes of other artist like Jhene Aiko, Summer walker etc. Definitely an album that women will enjoy during this “Quarantine & Chill” season. Men be aware because if you did anything to your girl, this might be the time to get her some flowers, as this album might strike some cords with them. (Speaking from experience). Anyways, ladies if you like the soft melodic R&b, I think this will be for you.

Notable Tracks: Forfeit Feat. Lucky Daye, Chocolate Feat. Ari Lennox

Rate 8.0

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