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Kirk Franklin 'Verzuz' Fred Hammond: A Moment of Healing. Does this help?

With everything taking place this past week, due to the murder and the protest of the execution of George Floyd; Verzuz TV has put together a "Moment of Healing" to help everyone through this time of a pandemic, deaths, confusion and frustration.

The interesting thing about this is that the very people being targeted during this time which are black men, are the very ones leading the charge. In cooperation with Swizz Beats and Timbaland (two black men) we have Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin (also two black men) and two pioneers in gospel submersing us in a time of Inspiration and encouragement.

For people who may not understand what is going on, During this time in America we are seeing a crisis, one that can not be handled alone. With racism and the misuse of power running rampant, people of color especially black men and women are being targeted in such a way that their very lives are being disregarded. And for that people are beyond frustrated. For your grandparents, parents and even you to have to continue to deal with a systematic issue that you can't just pull yourself out of hurts and traumatizes in ways that cannot be explained, which Is why we need solidarity.

This live presents just that. At this very time for people of faith and those who are not, very few people want to hear about God but they do want to hear about hope or at least try to believe that it still exist. For those who may or may may not be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, Catholic and so on one thing in common is that we all want hope. Hope for something beyond us, hope for better, hope for a future and this live tries to show a glimpse of that.

From the intro Pastor T.D. Jake's speaks from a place of hurt but also offers a prayer of hope. After that, enters Fred Hammond and Plies.. I mean Kirk Franklin... and from their they also do the same. They show their fear and frustration as black men and parents of black men and women but also show their smiles and laughter to encourage others. Kirk Franklin being who he is, embodies charisma and joy, making jokes, showing his terrible dance moves and playing in a time where smiles are the farthest things from people's hearts. During this time we see joy in black men that we didn't know if we would ever see again but something about people of color always finding a way to laugh and cope through the trauma, always amazes me.

Throughout this live there were also various guest from Marvin Sapp to Tamela Mann, and even the mother of police brutality victim Ahmaud Arbery (who was live via phone call.) Each providing a song or words from the heart. This live provided songs for each emotion: A song of Pain like "Take Me to the King" , or songs of happiness like "Melodies From Heaven" and "We're blessed" songs of hope like " Ultralight Beam" and "Hands On" and even songs for dancing like "Revolution" & "Stomp".

This was not a battle at all but more of a moment of healing as well as a concert from a place of love and support. Although this won't stop the pain that we feel today or give us the justice and reconciliation that we need as a people, it's a start, one that shows that even in the midst of chaos we may be able to find peace. If only for a moment.

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Full Playlist & Track List Below:

Kirk Franklin

1) He's Able

2) Brighter Day

3) He Reigns/Awesome God

4) Joy

5) More Than I Can Bear

6) Looking For You

7) Hosanna

8) Something About The Name Of Jesus

9) Love Theory

10) Now Behold The Lamb

11) Revolution

12) Silver & Gold

13) Imagine Me

14) Kanye West - Ultra Light Beam

15) Why We Sing

16) My Life Is in Your Hands

17) I Smile

18) Tamela Mann - Take Me To The King Feat. Kirk Franklin

19) Melodies from Heaven

20) Stomp (Remix)

21) Strong God

22) My Desire

Fred Hammond

1) I Am Persuaded

2) When the Spirit of the Lord

3) Awesome God

4) Commissioned - Strange Land

5) Prelude - Breann Michelle & Darius Sean Hammond

6) Commissioned - King of Glory

7) Glory to Glory to Glory

8) Please Don't Pass Me By

9) Jesus Be A Fence Around Me

10) Commissioned - Love Is the Way

11) Let The Praise Begin

12) All Things Are Working

13) Commissioned - Ordinary Just Wont Do

14) Kanye West - Hands On Feat Fred Hammond

15) Commissioned - Running Back to You

16) They That Wait

17) You Are the Living Word

18) Just to Be Close to You

19) This is the Day

20) No Weapon

21) We're Blessed

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