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Kohrey Da Savior - Music Marketer

It is 2020 and we are in the world of Influencer's. Influencer's run everything from teaching you the game too helping you build your own. Anything you want to promote or grow can be found by building with these guys. Here is one of the prominent ones in Kohrey Da Savior, he is a music marketer apart of the brand man network and is creating waves as an influencer. I've been keeping up with this guy in the hashtags for about a year and a half or so and he knows his stuff! Want to Learn some free game? Find out more about his expertise below.

So I see that you're a music influencer, What is your expertise?

My expertise falls within music marketing. I particularly focus on programmatic advertising, influencer marketing, viral marketing, and content marketing.

How long have you been an influencer and what made you get into it?

I guess I've technically been an influencer for going on two years. It started when I was added as a contributor the Brandman channel on YouTube.

Initially, I was added through someone else's belief in my ability. I didn't really see myself as a content creator or influencer then, and it really took this person talking some sense into to me to get me out my head. It took me another 6 months or so just to get used to the job that comes with being an influencer. Now, I'm all in and all for it.

When working with artist what is the biggest issue that you come across?

Normally it's keeping them consistent and getting them out of their own way. There are those who think they can buy their way in, and think money will keep them from having to go through the building and hard work phase. Then there are those who just can't stay consistent. They want to work on and off and never really commit to a long term game plan.

Getting an artist to understand that results don't always come immediately is a tough one too. That, and to have realistic budgets. You can't expect $1,500 to blow you up or everyone would be famous. A lot of them don't want to hear that they could be working at this for 10 years before they see a single dollar back. It's a very real possibility though.

What are your goals as an influencer? What do you want to accomplish?

I don't have any hard influencer goals because I never really saw myself in this space. Sometimes I forget that I am too until someone recognizes me in person or I wake up to 20 DMs. I do like being viewed as a value leader in the space and I hope to continue that.

What would be some advice that you would give to an up and coming artist?

Consistency, marketing, and quality content are the name of the game. Do as much work as possible to lock in on these things and once you do, it's just a matter of continuing the work and staying patient.

Also, educate yourself on the best business and marketing practices of today. It's not cool to be the uneducated artist. No one has sympathy for you.

What are some resources that you offer artist and where can they find them?

My YouTube channel Brandman is a great place to start. You can watch my "Digital Dash" segments on there to get up on game. We also have a subscription service via Brandman Network for those who want to really immerse themselves in music marketing education.

I also take on (serious) clients. Just reach out to me on my socials and I'll point you towards the inquiry form.

What is your social media?

Follow me @kohreydasavior on everything. I'm easy to find.

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