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"Let's Play House" Freestyle

“RJ Suave” is a rapper from Vallejo, California with a lyrical flow and diverse sound. He’s been shaking up the music industry on the west coast with new tracks that ring bells all around his city. The young man is a multi-talented professional that has experience as a kickboxer and tattoo artist. I had the opportunity to listen and learn from more of his music recently.

One thing is for sure, RJ Suave can approach the beat in a variety of ways. His new freestyle is a whole vibe for the summer. He will definitely have you interested and guessing what’s next. His latest single, “Let’s Play House” is a freestyle that gives you a west-coast vibe and flow. It’s something you can two-step to as soon as you hear the beat drop. The track paints a vivid picture of his energy and mood.

Even though RJ’s having fun with the record, you could tell he was in a zone. There were some points where lyrics were aggressive and other points when he let the beat breathe. As he transitioned in and out of verses, it all came together smoothly. As a true independent artist, Suave has a verse that lets us know what he’s all about. The verse goes,

“Loyalty, all about my family and my royalties." - RJ Suave

It’s refreshing to find an artist that knows where he stands no matter the circumstance. This verse also lets us know that RJ Suave will be owning all his music for the foreseeable future. Even as a freestyle, this track could easily be turned into a hit single with a futuristic hook. This artist continues to emerge with unique ways to innovate his music and give the community a creative sound. We need more artists like RJ Suave in the music industry today.

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