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"Lil Wayne Is Back Like He Never Left!"

In the wake of this COVID-19 Pandemic, lyrically-acclaimed rapper, Lil Wayne has taken his talents to the skatepark. The “Young Money” CEO released a new single entitled: “Piano Trap and Not Me.” The track symbolizes the passion that Lil Wayne has for skateboarding. He’s practicing tricks throughout the shoot while spitting bars that connect with his style and swag. The melody to the track is simple and clean as it leads into a gravitational hook that Lil Wayne picks up on leading into his verse.

Lil Wayne starts off by sparking up a blunt as he passes through the entrance of a skatepark. There’s a unique quote on the wall that reads, “If you skate, you're gonna fall.” This quote is apparent for any skater and is appropriate for the times we find ourselves in to this date. Let’s be honest, music is therapy for the soul when we can’t seem to escape the harsh realities. This quote reflects the mentality that we as a country should have towards a challenge that we’re trying to overcome. If you attempt to achieve anything in life, you will struggle. The real question is, how will you react? Lil Wayne does a great job of setting the environment for the music video.

The loud colors and ink tattoos create a unique look that only Lil Wayne could rock as a trendsetter. There are unique ways that you can look at the video. As we continue to adjust to this pandemic, music like this from icons in the game will change the energy around us. In every verse, there is a creative twist that circles right back to the beat loops in where drums pick up Lil Wayne as he dives into the tagline of the single,

“I buy me a purke and smoke me some loud.” - Lil Wayne

This single is a reflection of the diversity and innovation of rappers that change the game in a single instinct. It's as if Lil Wayne never left the rap game. Check out the new single from Lil Wayne using the link below:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3B8iJe7wTw

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