• Ahmad Rashad

Lost Boy or Lost Savior?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I recently tuned into the Lost Boy album by artist YBN Cordae and was exceptionally satisfied. It gave me feelings of nostalgia that were similar to the feelings that I felt when listening to J.Cole's "Friday Night Light's" and Chance the Rappers "Acid Rap". After hearing his remix of Eminem's " My name is" and his response to J. Cole's "1985" I knew that he could be a talent that this new generation definitely needed.

Different songs on this album took me to different places. "Thanksgiving" which to me is very similar too J. Cole's "Home for the holidays",

The Lost Boy

took to me to a time in college when you just couldn't wait to get home for the break. Or a song Like "Thousand words" which spoke about the dangers of living in a social media based climate. Even "Broke as F**k" gave me turn up party vibes in comparison to songs like Chief Keef's "Faneto" and Jimmy Wopos' (may he rest in peace) "Elm Street".

I think this artist is a trail blazer for the new generation as far as lyricism goes. To me it's his battle to lose. Although I think that he still has much to learn and accomplish, this is a great way start to what can seemingly be a great career.

Artist similarities: Chance The Rapper, J. Cole

Favorite songs: Have Mercy, Bad idea, Thanksgiving, Thousand words

Runner ups: Sweet Lawd (Skit), Broke as F**k

Rating: 7.5

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