• Ahmad Rashad

Mariah The Scientist - Master

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I learned about this artist through a complex review a couple days ago and I noticed she had just released her first single and I fell in love with it. The song immediately gives you like late 70’s early 80’s vibes and it’s super funky. Due to that I decided to check her out and see if she had other music at that point I noticed a co-sign from artist Tory Lanez and her debut project dropping this week and here it is.

Mariah the Scientist is here and she arrived in good fashion. Her debut project is only 28 mins but that’s all you need. This album is all about love and heartbreak with her single being named “Reminders”. She also has other songs like “Note to self” “Thanks 4 nothing” and “Not a love song” which speaks of the heart breaks, the lessons learned and the feelings left behind. The album entitled Master was rightfully named as this is an album from a woman who still feels the remnants of a relationship which was toxic from a man who may have been the master of her emotions. I feel the heart break and I love the funky fashion in which it flows.

Although Mariah the scientist assures us that some of the things spoken of in her album are extreme, she still delivers with sultry hooks and smooth memorizable lines with relatable topics. I think this is a dope introduction project and I look forward to the other music that she releases.

Favorite tracks : Reminders , Beetlejuice

Runner’s up: Note to self , Disclosure

Rate 7.5

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