• Ahmad Rashad

Marlounsly - HONEY (South Florida Singer)

Updated: May 21, 2020

South Florida singer & songwriter Marlounsly has the beauty and vocals to match. Originating from Haiti and growing up in South Florida, this artist has built a following due to her laid back, yet soulful style.

In actuality, although im not sure how, I‘ve seen her single “Dream boats” on Twitter last year and have been following her ever since. I’m a fan of this type of music and local talent, so I was excited to be able to write this.

Throughout her career, Marlounsly has gained the attention and respect of multiple media outlets including The Palm Beach Post, ELEVATOR, UPROXX, RESPECT, Fox Soul and recently verified by Genius.

On top of these accomplishments she has also participated in many concerts & tours opening up for artist like Ella Mai, H.E.R., and Summer Walker, matching her millions of streams.

During this Quarantine, Marlounsly has been able to keep herself busy by performing on Instagram live and by writing songs like her new single “HONEY”. Although short and sweet, it has a relaxing Island feel. Something for you to be able to enjoy, while waiting for outside to re-open.

This song has MAJOR boo’d up and self care vibes. Something you can just lay back and reminisce on. For the women, it’s something to remind them that they are the prize and that the men need to step up their game.

Marlounsly is sweet just like her new single “Honey” . Check it out below.

Instagram: @Marlounsly

Twitter: @Marlounsly

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