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Melly's Advice

Melly Starz is a Chicago native, born and raised. She moved to Miami as a young adult. As a young professional, she has started multiple media platforms. She discusses topics that are resourceful for young creatives with innovative ideas. Recently, she’s created a YouTube channel in 2011. Last Year, she created a new series where she gives great advice to musical artists. The videos go into detail about different topics that explore important ways to develop your brand, craft, and business. The insight on her platform comes from an authentic, organic, and raw place that her audience relates to no matter the topic. This platform provides a great opportunity for independent artists to acquire a unique perspective with great strategies to implement.

It’s essential to network during this time of uncertainty and chaos. Still, this time creates a unique opportunity for those of you that seek to turn your idea into a business. Melly creates advice and tips that are useful for any young professional today. She does specialize in the music industry but her tips and tricks can be applied to any industry to develop a great business model. Now is the time to make that major move that you’ve been sleeping on in 2020.

Melly has some unique tips that will turn hobbies into brands in 2020. There are multiple ways to gain exposure and coverage moving forward. Melly goes into detail about the little aspects that strengthen your portfolio as an artist. It can be hard to develop your craft starting out in any industry. Finding a niche can be even more difficult. Melly’s YouTube channel is a great source for practical knowledge that anyone can use. During this pandemic we’re all experiencing, it’s essential to learn every day and explore your opportunities. This is a great opportunity to learn moving forward.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCME-xMiZ1dLb4Y4pILHx9CA

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