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Minx is a highly experienced rapper, radio personality, and producer from New York. The Bronx to be exact. She has emerged as a pioneer within the music industry. She has a vast amount of knowledge about technology and business, and how it relates to a fruitful career. We discussed the history of Minx as an artist, podcast host, and businesswoman with tenure. As a producer, radio personality, and rapper, Minx is diverse in her approach and finds that “silence to be golden” in her daily grind as an entrepreneur. Recently, Minx produced, mixed, and mastered an entire EP all on her phone. According to Minx, she used an app called, “Garage Band.” This app allowed her to still be creative within her musical process, as she is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance her niche. This is:


Minx uses different styles of media production to reach her supporters. One day, you can catch her in the podcast booth, the next day she might be in the studio. This is a creative individual that continues to give advice, support, and inspire others no matter the circumstances. As Minx continues to change, her impact on the music industry will evolve. Her true mission is to teach other music professionals how to adapt with technology in the music industry.

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