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"Murda on the Beat"

Murda Beatz is a music producer from Canada with a unique sound. He’s worked with artists like: The Migos, PartyNextDoor, Drake, Lil Durk, and Travis Scott. He’s been making major hits and grinding for a while in the music industry. Murda sat down with Adam Grandmaison aka “Adam22” on the “No Jumper” podcast to discuss what’s new ever since the COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted the world. This was an interesting conversation that gives us insight into what an innovative musical mind does in the midst of chaos.

Murda Beatz recently produced 3 singles on PartyNextDoor’s album entitled: “PartyMobile.” Now, when you think about the title of this album, it promotes what is essentially happening across America right now. There are tons of people partying inside due to the environmental conditions. Murda Beatz connected with Melly in 2018 on YouTube. YNW Melly is featured on the most recent single is entitled: “Banana Split” featuring Lil Durk. The single has a fresh beat and melody to match some creative lyrics.

When the track first starts, there’s a unique melody that loops into a beat where YNW Melly takes flight with the hook. It is unique in nature given the art that Murda Beats has perfected with skills that surpass most of his competitors. The hook drops and you hear:

“Murda on the beat, it’s a homicide.”

Hooks like this reflect unique ways that music producers put their signature on music. It allows listeners to know who made the beat. It was very clever of Murda Beatz to create this sound in the hook because it often happens at the beginning of a track. The talented rappers on this track are able to build with this beat by using their wordplay. It almost sounds like a play on words then Lil Durk drops the infamous line:

“Melly beat his case, I’m gonna send him a jet!”

This line is brought up in the interview with Adam of “No Jumper.” It alludes to the pending case that YNW Melly is fighting right now. Murda replies with his thoughts on the line. He believes that the situation is tragic. To see Melly still incarcerated after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is frightening. Still, his family is faithful that he will beat his case. It’s amazing how this one single branded an innovative image for three creative minds.

Podcast Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/4z4yCTjwXa4an6sBGIe7m5?si=CTUD6dLvS1qz4Dz_A0PZkw

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