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Nubia Sanaa

New artist Nubia Sanaa, has just entered the game but has a lot to say. After recently releasing her first single “Paradise” we got a chance to ask her some questions and dig in a little deeper. Take a look at the full interview below :

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and your music

I was originally born in Miami, FL but raised in Ft. Lauderdale FL. I grew up there most of my life. I've always been very into books reading and writing poetry especially but never did anything with this as a talent, in fact I always used to say that I don't have a talent. This soon changed. In my transition from elementary school to middle school I found myself attending a Performing Arts school and that by far was the best experience of my life. I got to see all aspects of the creative world and me being young made that even better. I got a chance to be in the art program where i learned to draw and cultivate my artistic abilities, while also figuring out who I am, but I never was super confident in myself. Even as a child in elementary school I also struggled with myself in that aspect and literally almost ALWAYS STUCK OUT. Feeling discouraged about my uniqueness, and how different I was I kind of put myself in this dark place, but that was until I hit high school where I gained even more confidence in myself, then i realized me trying to "FIT IN' or me trying to put myself in a group of individuals just because, was of course not "IT". I stood strong in who I was ESPECIALLY when I decided I had to stand on my own. No friends, no nothing. And that's where i began cultivating my poetry/writing, my artistic abilities and later on MUSIC. I was always so very creative and interested in a lot of things but i found out that my self-expression shined through my writing and so did my creativity with art. I've always felt like my voice sounded pretty good but it also sounded really bad and I immediately tried to tell myself that i just COULDN'T SING. But for some reason as the years went on I kept singing, whether it was good or bad, finally i decided that this is something I love and that my emotions shine through it feeling every word and lyric. I then decided that I was going to SELF-TEACH. This was one of the hardest parts of my journey because I would fail and always tell myself "Well you just CAN'T SING" until I reached a breakthrough I began practicing and practicing until people began to hear me and all they could say is you sound amazing. And that's when it hit me. The very thing i thought I could never be capable of doing, I DID IT. Music inspires me because it gives me freedom. Freedom to be exactly who I am. No hiding, just clearly me. It showed me that the very thing I doubted was Indeed possible. My "sensitivity" to my emotions was OKAY when expressing myself through music and i even incorporate my spoken word/poetry. My voice literally is heard, by those who are willing to listen to give me the space and energy to experience me amplified. TRUE. PURE. That by far is all the reason I do what I do, and the messages and positivity I bring to people is something that is pure bliss. That simple impact is all I need.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is the idea that this life was given. For growth, elevation, learning, and creating. The rawest form of creativity and ideas is what inspires me. The imagination that goes into the passion of someone who is genuinely happy and moved by their craft is what inspires me. The way that my life could end in one moment, GOD FORBID, is what inspires me. It's now or never.

What are some obstacles that you have faced and how have they made you better?

When i was in high school, around the end of 11th grade year my mom had to move out of our apartment because it was getting too costly and we just couldn't pay for it anymore. We ended up looking for places that were in our budget range and we ended up finding something that was not necessarily in our range, but it was living we'd never experienced before for a decent price. My mother decided to do that because she was willing to let us experience a life we never knew, even if it meant still potentially being broke. The day comes on New years eve, (Our lease was up New Years Day) and we go ahead to pack up everything, the excitement boiled in me and my siblings hearts and we were just so excited to experience that living. We get to the house try to unlock the key code and we are greeted by people who were living in the house. We were so confused at that point and couldn't understand what was going on until the person who was at the door explained that this is their home and that they paid for it, but so had my mother.. We evidently were scammed..At that point my heart, broke, i blamed myself, and to see my mothers, brothers, and sister heart break was the most devastating thing I have ever experienced. We had to separate our whole family, I had to go live with someone, sis had to go live with someone, and bro, had to go live with someone. As I was on my own I learned so much about life, what it gives you and what it takes, but I learned to never ever let a situation, push me into destruction, but to let it push me into greatness, as hurt and as lost as I was i finally decided that I don't want to linger in what happened to me. I wanted to grow. I craved understanding who I was as a human being. This drove me. To go for whatever it is I want. For the betterment of my mental health, and for my being. I learned how to motivate myself, and how to heal others with the same powers I cultivated within that time. I was hungry.

What is your 5 year plan for your music and for yourself?

I honestly have not cultivated enough of all of my ideas and plans for my future because I am an upcoming Artist. I started music October of 2017, and I have not realized the magnitude of what truly is possible until now. I do plan on getting myself more uncomfortable with being completely exposed on stage. Letting my energy literally shine through me. Traveling to different parts of the world , to meet and experience new people and to influence them. To lastly Create the music I want to create and release it for those to feel. I just truly plan to be more involved musically/creatively and venturing out.

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

I want them to take away pain, peace, love, vulnerability, transparency. The idea that the "impossible" is possible if you can imagine it. You must be willing to go for it. I want them to take understanding of themselves and to crave that more than anything. I want them to know it's okay to not be okay, but that your situations DO NOT DEFINE YOU. But you must transmute that pain into fuel.

Where can people find your music?

My sound cloud profile is https://soundcloud.com/nubia_sanaa Thanks again for the opportunity for me to express who I am. I appreciate you !!

Instagram: Nubiaxsanaa

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