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After recently releasing his single Been a while, we were able to tap in with artist Obndz and learn more about him. Check out the full interview below:

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and your music

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL. I now reside in Decatur, GA. I have been doing music for over 10+ years. I started rapping in college, recording on Fruity Loops with my friend Xavier (X-man), as my engineer and producer. From there I would record and write with friends(Jason Allen and Cameron Washington) from back home. Throughout college I began taking music seriously and formed a duo called Grey Area with my college colleague Ry (RyRyDaRyot). Now, I’ve started my solo career as Obndz, engineering and mixing/mastering all of my music.

I’ve also written and produced for artist as well. While doing so I've worked with artist such as Jada B, Peso Ace, and Angelica. I’ve even collaborated with artist such as Michael Jo' Mae, KDZY, DoubleRMuzik, Darius Raheem, Deje Kelly, Vann, Nick Battle, Aijalon Singz, Bobby Beige and many more. Some of these artist also make up the team that I am apart of. I just released my self titled album “Obndz” earlier this year, with singles such as “ Bussin’ “, “Call”, and “Alley Oop”, I’m planning to break open through the industry with a different vibe. My music is a mix of conscious, fun, bar filled, and melodic vibes. I can give some love songs for the ladies or some real life felt tracks. I’ve been influenced by many artists in my life from Musiq Soulchild to Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Eminem to Missy Elliot & Timbaland. I grew up listening to all genres of music, whether it be rnb/hip hop or Jazz/Blues or Pop music. I may rap or I may sing, whatever needs to be done to get my vision across. I will pen point and execute it with precision.

What inspires you?

Life, family, friends, and people’s energy inspire me. From beautiful women (All Races Apply), but especially my melanin queens, to life's defining moments. I take what is given to me and I create timeless art.

What are some of the obstacles you've faced and how has it made you better?

I’ve been shutdown by producers, rappers and singers as far as collaborations are concerned but my team has always been very supportive. People want the now and not the potential future. I’ve had to balance a 40-45hr a week job and working with multiple members on my team to get their music out as well as getting my work done. I’ve sacrificed family time and money for a lot people. But I know it’s all a journey to get to where I’m destined to be. You can't go through life without hardships. Growing up in a single parent home, just my mom, my three sisters and I also makes it more of a challenge to be great.

What is your 5 year plan for your music and for yourself?

My plan is to have myself and my entire team on the billboard’s top 100 list. From 1-15 (records/albums). From Gold to platinum (records/album)

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

I want people to takeaway whatever they feel at the moment of listening. Because it’s their natural perspective at the time.

In conclusion, where can people find your music?

On all Digital Streaming Platforms and SoundCloud. My Instagram is @Obndz.

Instagram: @Obndz

Check out Obndz music below:

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